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What is Your Communication Strategy for Your Initiatives?

Communication StrategyEvery initiative – regardless of its size or complexity – requires a communication strategy. Certainly the more complex the initiative, the more complex the communication strategy. However, a smaller initiative can utilize a simpler communication strategy.

Your communication strategy should cover the following key items:

  • A list of your stakeholders and the impact the initiative will have on them as well as their expectations for the initiative (what means success to them.) Include also whether or not they are supportive of the initiative.
  • An outline of what needs to be communicated over the life cycle of the initiative and to whom it needs to be communicated
  • When communications will take place – include dates for each communication piece
  • How communications will occur (what methods or channels will you use.) Be sure to include a variety of channels to reach the largest audience
  • Timing for reviewing the effectiveness and sufficiency of your communications to ensure they are working for the audience. You might consider sending a survey to stakeholders to ensure they are being communicated with in a way that works for them.

Once your strategy is developed, consider a high level overview (such as in example below) that enables a quick look at what needs to be communicated to whom, when and how. For larger initiatives you might include a column for responsibility for that communication.





All stakeholders

Overview of project as well as how information will be communicated and shared

Prior to project kickoff

Via all staff meeting as well as at department meetings

Exec Leadership

Status on initiative with a focus on financials

Monthly: first Monday of each month at leadership meeting

Via virtual presentation – 15 minutes allocated at meeting start

Department heads

Progress update

At department heads bi-weekly meeting (Wednesdays)

Via conference call – 20 minutes allocated.
Send individual department heads detailed information for their group 3 days before meeting

Learning & Development

Overview of initiative

At project start

Face-to-face meeting

Learning & Development

Bi-monthly updates of initiative to enable for development of training materials

Beginning on March 1 and continue bi-monthly until August 1

Face-to-face meeting

The goal of your communication strategy is to ensure that you are communicating in ways that works for your audience to keep them informed and engaged in the initiative. By using a variety of channels – such as email, internal website, one-on-one or small group meetings, etc. – you are more likely to engage a larger group and keep them supportive of the initiative.

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