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Book Review: The Drucker Lectures

Essential Lessons on Management, Society, and Economy

I’ve recently read a book sent to me by McGraw-Hill called The Drucker Lectures: Essential Lessons on Management, Society and Economy (published by McGraw Hill, 2010). They thought I might be interested in reading this book and providing a review. They were so right! If you haven’t […]

Book Review: Business Genesis: A Strategic Approach to Starting a Business

Henry Gregor, a dear friend of mine who I met through LinkedIn initially and has since developed a close friendship with, wrote a book entitled Business Genesis: A Strategic Approach to Starting a Business which I believe is well worth mentioning in my blog as a great resource for startup businesses or anyone considering starting […]

Book Review: Hiring and the Potter’s Wheel

I recently read a book by Phil Wrzesinski called, Hiring & The Potter’s Wheel: Turning Your Staff into a Work of Art. What a great read!

I know Phil from LinkedIn. He was looking for HR managers to review his book and provide their feedback on its usefulness. Although I’m not an HR manager, given […]