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Book Review: Business Genesis: A Strategic Approach to Starting a Business

Business GenesisHenry Gregor, a dear friend of mine who I met through LinkedIn initially and has since developed a close friendship with, wrote a book entitled Business Genesis: A Strategic Approach to Starting a Business which I believe is well worth mentioning in my blog as a great resource for startup businesses or anyone considering starting up a business.

Henry’s book was written based on his experience in working with startup businesses and through many hard-earned lessons! Henry’s book looks at the different categories of businesses, which he has classified in his book as:

  • Life-Style
  • Spinouts
  • VC-backed
  • Revolutionary startups
  • Corporate revolutionary startups

And for each category provides readers with how to effectively manage such a business. The book provides an abundance of useful information and examples for individuals starting up a business, or contemplating doing so, or just for someone who wants a general understanding of businesses. The case study in the appendix walks the reader through an example of how the methods and theory discussed in the chapters of the book were applied in a real-life startup business situation.

Henry wrote this book to provide budding entrepreneurs with an understanding of how to ensure that a startup will be successful over the long term, by applying the right category to a startup business and ensuring that the individual at the helm of the new business understands how to be successful given the conditions of his particular business.

This is a quick read with lots of relevant, interesting information throughout.

You can purchase this book through Amazon. Peruse Henry’s website – – to learn more about Henry and the work he does with a variety of businesses.

Also read some of Henry’s contributions to this blog.

Happy Reading!

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