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Do You Have What it Takes to be an Entrepreneur?

Being an entrepreneur does not come easily. It takes a certain person to be an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs are innovative; looking for new ways of doing something. Innovative doesn’t necessarily mean they create something new from scratch; rather they may offer up a better way of providing a service or an improvement in a product to […]

Focus on the Customer to Ensure Business Success

A recent video on Business on Main – Cool Runnings – profiled Zane’s Cycles based in Connecticut. Zane’s Cycles focus in on the customer and, in particular, creating lifelong customers. I particularly enjoyed this video because it emphasizes a point I’ve been making for a number of years – it is ALL about the customer! […]

Example of a Small Business Performing a SWOT Analysis

Learn more about performing a SWOT analysis before reading the case study.


The three members of the leadership team at a small marketing consulting firm were interested in expanding their offerings to their clients. Currently the firm has 20 employees (including the three members of the leadership team) many of whom are consultants with […]

Find Out How Things are Going In Your Business?

Have you asked your employees?

How are things working out in your business? Are things going well? What could be improved upon? What area is working really well and could be a model for other areas? How are you finding out the answers to these questions? Part of your answer should be, “I’m asking my […]

Better Manage Your Time as a Small Business Owner

Time management is a skill that everyone benefits from; but most especially the small business owner. Think about it – the smaller the business the more hats the business owner has to wear! A few best practices around time management enables for:

Increased productivity Increased satisfaction with the business Improved relationships with – not just […]