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5 Ways to Control Your Anger with a Co-Worker

It is easy to lose control when a co-worker does something that angers us. However, losing control and getting angry only serves to impact the relationship with the co-worker in a negative way as well as leave a less than favorable impression of your leadership and communication skills.

Consider these 5 ways to manage your anger and communicate more effectively with your co-worker.

  1. Take a deep breath! Rarely do we need to handle a situation with a co-worker immediately. There is often time to think first before we react. Take a deep breath and…
  2. Consider the situation. Why are you angry? Is it really the co-worker that is making you angry or is it just one more thing in an already bad day? Is it something personal and you are taking it out on your co-worker? Take some time to understand what is making you angry.
  3. What do you want? What is the outcome that you want? What do you need? And how can you marry the outcome you want with what your co-worker needs? Consider what you really want and need from the situation that is a win-win for both of you.
  4. Develop your communication plan. What is the best way to communicate with your co-worker about the situation? Consider how you will approach the situation. Be sure to use your listening skills to understand your co-worker and his point of view. Develop a potential solution to the situation that will work (win-win) for both of you.
  5. Communicate when you are ready. Ready to communicate? Feel better? Not angry any longer? Go ahead and ask your co-worker to get together to talk about the situation. Invite him to lunch or out for coffee. Maybe meet after work for a drink or dinner.

5 Ways to Control Your Anger with a Co-Worker

What do you do to manage anger and have better conversations with your co-workers?

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