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Strategic Plan Complete? Now…Align Projects to Achieving the Strategy

Once your strategic plan is completed, you must now move to selecting and prioritizing the projects that must be done in order to support that strategic plan.

One of our newest clients, an IT consulting firm, diligently completes their annual strategic planning process. However, they have not taken the next step of aligning projects to […]

Best Practices for Reviewing the Project Plan

When developing your project plan for a large initiative, consider a comprehensive review with the sponsor, key stakeholders and the project team before finalizing the plan and moving forward with implementing the project. This will reduce problems during implementation, ensure you have captured everything needed early on in the project, get stakeholders involved/engaged and enable […]

Analyze the Variance

I think one of the weakest areas of project management (other than planning, which is rarely ever done very well) that I’ve encountered is the variance analysis. When things are planned and measurements are taken to determine the status of things, there’s often very little attention paid to understanding the root cause of the issue, […]