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The Challenges of Entrepreneurship

A recent article in Business on Main, 10 Solutions to Fix Young America and Rebuild the Economy, provided ways that we, as a society, can support those young Americans interested in building their business. Many of the ideas provided are of value to any age entrepreneur and provide some food for thought. Entrepreneurship, however, comes […]

Managing Your Logistics as You Grow Your Business

Logistics means many things – it might refer to how you get your products and services to your customer, or how you communicate with remote employees, or how you get your products developed in a timely manner to meet customer expectations. The challenge as we grow our businesses is how to manage logistics. In the […]

Do You Have What it Takes to be an Entrepreneur?

Being an entrepreneur does not come easily. It takes a certain person to be an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs are innovative; looking for new ways of doing something. Innovative doesn’t necessarily mean they create something new from scratch; rather they may offer up a better way of providing a service or an improvement in a product to […]

Thoughts on Leadership in a Start-Up

As I sat down to write this article, I was wondering where I should begin. The topic of leadership in a start-up is so interesting and has so many facets that, for a moment, I was undecided about which aspect I should start with.

Then, I realized that, in some respects, the dilemma I […]