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Focus on the Customer to Ensure Business Success

A recent video on Business on Main – Cool Runnings – profiled Zane’s Cycles based in Connecticut. Zane’s Cycles focus in on the customer and, in particular, creating lifelong customers. I particularly enjoyed this video because it emphasizes a point I’ve been making for a number of years – it is ALL about the customer! You could have the best products, but if you don’t provide excellent customer service, you won’t be around for long!

I shared this video with one of my clients. My client runs a small business with 35 employees. I am working with him to instill a customer focus by his employees. Employees have been with the business for a while now, and there appears to be a shift away from the customer and that strong customer focus that they have displayed in the past. Part of the issue, we know, is that the business has grown; but my client – the President/CEO – has been unable to hire any additional employees. Like many other businesses he went through a tough time and is working on building back up his business. He doesn’t want to add in more employees until he has a bit of a cushion set aside. So the current employees are doing more with less (sounds familiar – doesn’t it?); thereby focusing less on the customer and more on getting done everything they have to for the business. Business is not improving, rather it was getting worse. Customers were no longer happy. I’ve been working with my client to build his business back up by developing strategy around focusing on the customer and training his employees in customer service. He’s also hiring a few more employees to help out and balance out the workload.

In today’s world where competition it global – even for the smallest of businesses – you need to focus on the customer. Rarely do you see a company that has a product or service no one else has. What is going to differentiate you is how you treat your customers.

Check out the video on Business on Main, it provides a number of tips by Zane’s Cycles on how to focus on the customer and creating a lifelong relationship with the customer. It’s inspirational! Expanding the business to sell more products is not always the best option; focus on creating lifelong customers as discussed by the owner of Zane’s Cycles.

What works for my business is a focus on the customer – I go above and beyond to meet their needs. I consider myself a partner in their business – helping them get where they need to go to be successful.

I’ve written a number of articles on customer service that will help you start to focus your business in the right direction – on your customers and meeting their specific needs. That is the true measure of a successful business.

What about you? What are you doing to focus on building strong relationships and a lifelong partnership with your customers?