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Problems on the Team: A Mini Case Study – Part I

Why do I have to be involved in this initiative!

From the minute the team was announced, several of the members were overheard telling their colleagues that they didn’t understand why they needed to be involved in this initiative. They wanted to continue to work alone, as they have been doing for many years. Some […]

Assess Your Project Team

To better assign roles and responsibilities to each team member

Prior to assigning roles and responsibilities on projects, assess the skills and knowledge of your project team. This does not have to be a formal assessment process. Consider these simple best practices to assess the skills of your team and assign roles and responsibilities to […]

Getting Your Team to High Performing Sooner Rather than Later

The quicker you can get your team to be a high performing team, the more effectively you can meet the goals and objectives of the initiative. A high performing team works well together – they rely on each other to accomplish the goals of the project, understanding their individual strengths and using those strengths to […]

The Best Team Members

The best team members on your project will be those individuals who:

Don’t think the same way you do – they approach problems and situations differently based on their own experiences and perspectives Have a variety of experiences and skills – their strengths and weaknesses should be different than yours Will share their opinions, ideas […]

Engaging Your Project Team

Often when managing projects we forget the need to keep the team engaged. We are so focused on meeting the schedule, managing the budget, and dealing with the sponsor and other stakeholders that we forget about the team and their needs. We just hope they keep moving forward to accomplish their tasks and tend to […]