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The Best Team Members

The best team members on your project will be those individuals who:

Don’t think the same way you do – they approach problems and situations differently based on their own experiences and perspectives Have a variety of experiences and skills – their strengths and weaknesses should be different than yours Will share their opinions, ideas […]

Appreciating Diversity

I was talking to an attendee at a conference at which I was speaking on virtual teams. We started to talk about diversity on project teams. He was surprised when I noted that the more diversity on the team – the better! From his perspective – it meant more work for him. He didn’t want […]

How to Get The Best Ideas From Your Team AND Your Expanded Team Part I

People with different experiences and backgrounds see things differently. These include differences in age, gender, race, occupation, and anything else that makes us different from one another. Ben Franklin’s junto was made up of twelve individuals, and included three from the field of printing, a scrivener who loved poetry and natural history, a glazier who […]