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The Role of the Enterprise PMO Director

In ensuring success of the Enterprise PMO

A highly functioning enterprise project management office (PMO) should be responsible for all initiatives within the organization – across all departments and divisions. In order for an enterprise PMO to be successful, however, the head of the enterprise PMO must be empowered to make strategic decisions regarding project budgets, resources and timelines.

In the most successful organizations where project management is valued and its benefit to the organization is clear, the enterprise PMO head often sits at the executive table and is involved in setting strategy for the organization and in selecting the projects to be completed to align to that strategy.

The head of the enterprise PMO performs the following responsibilities within the PMO and for the organization:

  • Prioritize projects based on set criteria
  • Participate in strategic planning sessions
  • Understand the goals of each division and department and how those goals are aligned to the long-term strategy of the organization
  • Work collaboratively with divisions and departments to launch the most appropriate projects
  • Allocate resources accordingly
  • Regularly conduct reviews of progress toward completion of projects with the portfolio
  • Regularly report on status of the project portfolio
  • Communicate regularly, developing strong relationships across the organization

For many organizations, the idea of an enterprise PMO director or head sitting at the executive table is uncommon. However, those organizations that see the value that project portfolio management brings to the organization see the benefit of having the head of the enterprise PMO involved in strategic planning sessions.