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Project Leadership and the Bottom Line

Organizations are going to meet their long-term objectives and strategic goals, as well as compete effectively in an increasingly competitive environment by undertaking the right projects at the right time.

To be successful at those projects, organizations must have strong project leadership in place. Individuals who can lead project teams to accomplish goals but also – and maybe even more importantly – have an understanding of the business as a whole.

A project leader will work closely with senior business leaders to determine the projects to be completed to achieve long term strategic goals. These decisions of which projects to be accomplished will be decided based upon meeting specific criteria; ensuring alignment to strategy. When organizations select the right projects to be completed at the right time, with the right resources, the organization is more likely to positively impact the bottom line.

When project leaders are able to collaborate with the senior business leadership group as part of strategic planning, it is increasingly likely that projects will be the right ones at the right time. And, those projects will enable a positive impact to the bottom line – meeting those strategic goals outlined at the executive level.

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