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Leadership’s Project Management Challenges

Achieve Business Success Through Project Management Strategy

Leadership in many organizations – even today – are challenged with project management and where it fits in. Understanding the value of project management to the organization is a significant challenge for leaders. Too often it is considered as tactical – with no real thought or understanding of the strategic value of it. Shortchanging the […]

Focus on the Strategic Result

Not a Product or Service in Particular

The most competitive organizations focus on the strategic end result which includes launching projects that solve business problems. They don’t focus on a particular product or service, but rather projects specifically focused on achieving a strategic goal. These projects therefore tend to be more complex and have more […]

Tactical? Strategic? Make it Both for Success!

I was talking with a client recently who is searching for some project management talent to join their staff. He was considering whether they needed more tactical project managers (people who roll up their sleeves and can get the work done, those who work on the details) or more strategic thinkers (people who can […]

In this case, unplugged is a BAD thing


You’d think we would be in favor of unplugging. That is, saving energy, preventing waste…you know, being “green”.

And we are in favor of unplugging.

But there’s an exception – a big one.

That exception has to do with a huge source of power for Project Managers, a renewable source of endless project energy […]

Some Tips to Increase Your Value as a Project Manager

Start today in demonstrating the value you bring to the organization!

Too often I hear project managers complain they aren’t valued in their organization. In some cases, I can’t say they are wrong – we all know how some organizations can be! In such situations, sometimes it is just time to move on to other […]