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Evaluating Your Current Performance Management Process - Part I

In our last article we discussed the fear of having performance management conversations and provided a few options to address managers’ concerns. In this article, we will discuss how to address one of the concerns around a performance process that does not make sense and specifically how to get managers and others involved in evaluating […]

Is Two Better than One?

In today’s society we want everything better, faster, and more efficient than it once was. In fact, some of us want it cheaper as well. Even though we live in an environment of constant change and improvement, most of us have learned to adapt and even expect more than is even currently available. Pondering the […]

Spring is Coming! Let’s Do Some Process Clean Up

Every business should be reviewing processes regularly. Much like we tend to do major clean up at home and in the yard during the spring, why not use this time to review processes in your business? I counsel my clients to regularly review their processes – ideally twice a year, but at least annually. When […]

Building Synergies between Organizational Change Management and IT

Traditionally, Organizational Change Management (OCM) teams were setup and managed by the CIO/Program directors when large scale ERPs were rolled out by organizations. However, the days of rolling out large scale multimillion dollar ERP packages are long gone. So, what do the CIOs do with the OCM team? Should they disband the OCM team? […]