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Updating Processes? Go Slowly!

Refining or updating processes don’t go well when the project is rushed or when the people tasked with doing the work are not the ones who use the process. When the project of updating processes fails, the company may give up and leaves things as they are – the status quo prevails.

Processes should be […]

Early in 2014: Conduct a Business Process Review

As a best practice, consider evaluating your business processes at least once a year. As your business changes – grows or contracts, launches new products and services, hires new employees and gains new customers – your business processes will need to change or be updated for the business to continue to succeed. Too often organizations […]

Spring is Coming! Let’s Do Some Process Clean Up

Every business should be reviewing processes regularly. Much like we tend to do major clean up at home and in the yard during the spring, why not use this time to review processes in your business? I counsel my clients to regularly review their processes – ideally twice a year, but at least annually. When […]