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Calming Down an Angry Employee – Part II

A Mini Case Study

Read Part I for background information.

What should Samantha do next?

Samantha needs to address the situation with Jack before it gets even more out of control. There is obviously something going on and it is undoubtedly impacting the team. It doesn’t seem to be impacting customers, but is likely […]

Calming Down an Angry Employee – Part I

A Mini Case Study

We all get upset at some point. Work may be piling up, we may feel as if we being unfairly saddled with tasks to do, we may be clashing with co-workers or we may just have stuff going on at home that is impacting work. Any of these situations can just […]

Managing a Negative Employee – Part II

A mini case study – a plan to address the situation

In Part I of the story we learned that Jack needed to address issues with one of his team members, Sam. Jack realized he should have handled this situation with Sam much sooner, certainly before it became so obvious to others outside their department […]

Managing a Negative Employee – Part I

A mini case study

Consider this story:

Jack manages a staff of 4 people in the accounts payable department of an IT company. The group has been working together for at least 8 years. In the last 4 months Jack has noticed that Sam has been really negative. At first, no one seemed to notice […]

5 Easy Steps to Work with a Problem Employee

We have all experienced a problem employee. Someone who causes conflict, is difficult to work with or who doesn’t complete tasks in a timely manner or of high quality. The longer we let the behavior continue, the more difficult it is to manage. When you have a problem employee, deal with it immediately – don’t […]