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Get Out From Behind Your Desk!

If you want to understand what is going on in the business – what’s working, what’s not – you need to get out from behind your desk! It’s easy for management to stay in their office and check off the “to do” list; but without getting out and seeing what is going on in the […]

No More Whining Please!

A little less whining and we could get more done. Seriously. Rather than whining about everything, teams would do well to find solutions to issues that arise and take a positive approach to their work. I was working with a team recently that had a number of problems thrown at them. And I’ll admit there […]

Why should you care about staff morale?

How many times have you been treated poorly by an employee at your favourite coffee house, or shop? Clearly that employee does not embody the company spirit, and most likely has low morale. Considering that staff morale and customer satisfaction are directly linked. Connect with your employees on an emotional level and they will follow […]

You say your employees are not engaged and not performing well…

You just might be the problem!

As a manager you have responsibility for engaging your employees. Yes, of course they have responsibilities too; but engaging them is the responsibility of the company and the management. Disengaged employees are just not interested in their role and often do not perform well on the job. They have, […]