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Get Out From Behind Your Desk!

If you want to understand what is going on in the business – what’s working, what’s not – you need to get out from behind your desk! It’s easy for management to stay in their office and check off the “to do” list; but without getting out and seeing what is going on in the business, you really don’t know what’s working or what’s not.

It doesn’t take much to interact with others in the organization. Try a few of these simple ideas to get started today:

  • Visit others in the office and learn about what they have going on (maybe sit in on a department meeting on occasion.)
  • Stop by the coffee machine in the morning and hang out for a bit and talk with employees.
  • Eat lunch with everyone else in the cafeteria rather than eating at your desk (you’ll learn a lot by listening to those around you.)
  • At the next all staff/all hands meeting, ask employees how things are going – tell them you want their input on improvements that could be made and then follow up on their suggestions.
  • Consider a regular email communication to staff to share with them information on ongoing or upcoming projects. Ask those with questions, concerns or suggestions to stop by and talk with you.
  • Have “open office hours” at least once a week for 1/2 hour when employees can pop in and share their ideas and best practices with you.
  • Prior to your next strategic planning sessions, get ideas from your employees on areas the business might focus on over the next year or two.

These are just a few ways you can interact with employees and learn about what is working (successes) and where improvements are needed (challenges.) It doesn’t take much effort and you will find it pays off in the long run!

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