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Why should you care about staff morale?

How many times have you been treated poorly by an employee at your favourite coffee house, or shop? Clearly that employee does not embody the company spirit, and most likely has low morale. Considering that staff morale and customer satisfaction are directly linked. Connect with your employees on an emotional level and they will follow suit with your customers.

The difference between staff morale, and office culture:

Staff morale is an emotional connection employees feel, the feeling of contribution and recognition within the company. Office Culture is created on expectations for the accepted practices within an office. For example staff outings, casual Friday, and scheduling.

5 Free employee morale boosters

  1. Create a Recognition program that all employees take part in. when someone has a great idea, or does a great job encourage co-workers to get involved and provide recognition.
  2. Employee of the Month: Upon recognizing achievements ensure its announced, and rewarded within the team. Providing simple recognition will improve morale, and increase productivity and creative ideas.
  3. Empowerment: Pushing your employees to make decisions will give them the feeling of ownership. This is a great way to improve staff morale.
  4. Create employee committees: Staff feel a sense of ownership. For example: have someone interested in “health & wellness” create a monthly newsletter, or organize a company marathon.
  5. Communicate your overall corporate goal and visions. Providing insight into your vision will improve the reaction for unpopular decisions. Creating an understanding gives further meaning for goals, and direction. Share as much information as possible. Be transparent with your team.

Take action, set up monthly meetings and get your team involved!

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