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Addressing a Common Leadership Challenge: Finding Time for Employees

Leadership Challenges

I often hear leaders in my workshop complain that they just can’t make the time to meet with their employees on a regular basis; especially when they have a larger group. While I agree that it takes time to meet with employees, and it is something that might more easily be pushed aside for other […]

4 Ways to Ensure Employee Accountability for their Work


In order to hold employees accountable for their work and meeting goals, it is important that managers are clear when assigning tasks or projects. Employees cannot be expected to be held accountable if what they need to accomplish is unclear or confusing.

Here are 4 ways to ensure employee accountability for work or projects assigned: […]

Reengaging a Disengaged Employee

Employees Engagement

An employee who has become disengaged in the workplace must be reengaged as soon as possible. To start, leaders must understand why the employee is disengaged. For example, has there been significant change in the workplace that has impacted the employee? Has the employee’s job role or responsibilities changed? Is new direct management impacting the […]

Using the GROW Model to Coach Employees

GROW Model

The GROW Model is a method for setting goals and managing performance of employees. It is a simple process to use and has been proven quite effective. At Abudi Consulting Group we use it in coaching with our clients. The GROW Model was developed in the United Kingdom in the 1980s by Sir John Whitmore. […]

The Value of Friday Afternoon Workplace Gatherings

Kick Off Meeting

With such hectic schedules in the workplace these days, and employees who seem to run from project to project with barely a moment to take a breath, leaders may want to consider enabling for some time for employees to relax a bit. To that end, how about Friday afternoon workplace gatherings?

I remember a company […]