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Addressing a Common Leadership Challenge: Finding Time for Employees

Leadership Challenges

I often hear leaders in my workshop complain that they just can’t make the time to meet with their employees on a regular basis; especially when they have a larger group. While I agree that it takes time to meet with employees, and it is something that might more easily be pushed aside for other […]

Keeping Remote Employees Engaged

I have a number of clients who have remote (virtual) employees. For a number of these clients, they are challenged with keeping these employees engaged. They aren’t worried about the work getting done, they are worried that the employees may feel too disconnected from the workplace and that they may lose good talent because of […]

Trying to Engage Employees and Feel Like You are Getting Nowhere?

Do you know if they are engaged? Did you socialize it first?

I was talking with a friend the other day who told me that she just started a new role in the human resource department of an office supply chain. The first thing the CEO told her was that he felt that the employees […]