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The Value of Patience

When leaders display patience – a necessary skill for effective leadership – they are more likely to lead a long-term successful organization. Certainly making snap decisions and doing little planning and being impatient with people when they don’t move fast enough may get you what you need in the short term, but it is not […]

Tailoring Your Leadership Style to Your Employees

It’s so simple and makes a great impact!

The most effective leaders understand what style of management works for their direct reports. Too often, however, I see more of a selfish style of leadership. Meaning – I’ll lead as I want to and you (my employee) better adjust. Wrong and ineffective and it does not […]

Delegating Leadership

One of the best things organizational leaders can do to help groom others for leadership roles is to share leadership responsibilities. This certainly does not mean to suggest that all strategic decisions should be passed on to others nor that the leader no longer has accountability; rather, enable people the autonomy to perform their […]

3 Ways to Communicate with Your Employees

Communicating with your employees regularly is essential to keep them engaged in the business. Communicating also helps you to understand what is working and what is not. Remember – your employees are the ones doing the day-to-day work of the business; they will see problems likely before you do and often have suggestions for resolving […]

How Effective are You as a Leader?

Are you keeping your employees energized and engaged?

I read an article on How Leaders Kill Meaning at Work on McKinsey Quarterly that talked about how senior executives “routinely undermine creativity, productivity and commitment” of their employees. The article noted that employees are most happy in their work when they have “inner positive work lives” […]