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Keeping Employees Engaged in a Boring Job

5 Things to Do

Not every job is interesting all of the time! Especially jobs where employees start right out of school and may be serving as a junior customer service representative or doing phone support. After a while the job seems boring and tedious. As a manager, however, it is important to keep employees engaged in the job! They won’t be in this job forever in many cases but you probably don’t want to lose them to another company. When you have talented individuals in jobs that can become boring, you need to keep them engaged!

Here are five things to do to keep employees engaged in a job that may seem boring:

  1. Provide time for them to take a training class, attend webinars or attend a conference
  2. Assign them a challenging project where they can utilize their skills and develop new ones
  3. Ask them to be a mentor to newer employees
  4. Coordinate with a peer manager in another department  to enable employees to job swap for a couple of weeks or to assist on a cross-functional initiative
  5. Ask employees to lead internal training sessions on any number of topics that may be of interest to the group

These are just five ways to keep employees engaged by providing opportunities or ways to get involved outside of their day-to-day job responsibilities.

What are your ideas?