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Thoughts on Customer Service

I was in a coffee shop in downtown Boston the other day and was shocked by the attitude of the person behind the counter to the customer in front of me. The customer in front had her small child with her – the little girl was maybe 5 or 6 years old. The customer asked […]

6 Ways to Build Strong Relationships with Your Customers

By building strong relationships with your customers you can do a better job of meeting their needs and keeping them with your business rather than moving off to the competition.

Try these simple techniques to build stronger relationships:

Take your customer out for coffee or lunch at least once a quarter just to “catch up.” […]

How Are Your Customers Feeling?

Do you really know?

Do you know how your customers are feeling about your business and its products and services? Really – do you know? I’m not asking you to guess based on feelings. I want you to really know how they feel. It’s a new year – why not start off the year by […]

How Do Companies Prove Their Worthiness to Customers

General Motors had run a series of ads about the quality of their cars. The gist of the message was about being a “world class” company. The proof of their “world class” status was a 60-day money back guarantee on new car purchases. The commercial got me thinking about what techniques companies use to […]