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How Do You Know How Others Perceive You?

Perception is a strange thing. Whatever we see in front of us we automatically take to be the truth. Of course, it’s the truth according to our own model of the world around us and is heavily influenced by our own experiences. It’s how we perceive those around us as well as the situations […]

Are You The Role Model You Think You Are?

“Don’t do as I do, do as I say”

We’ve all heard about leaders and managers being the role models for those around them. The same is written about celebrities and sports stars having such an influence on their fans, particularly their younger fans. Modelling the behaviour we expect from those around us is both […]

Strong Leaders Engage

When we are asked to think about strong leadership styles and strong leaders many of us conjure up images of someone who makes pronouncements and never goes back on their decisions. They know the right thing to do and expect people to simply get on with doing what they are told. I do wonder […]

Replacing an Outstanding Leader

When someone has been successfully leading a team or organization and moves on, in addition to a feeling of loss there is often a panic that ensues – how on earth can that person be replaced? Cloning is out of the question that’s for sure but a longing for ‘more of the same’ is […]

The Power of Brief Interactions

Think back to when someone of importance in your working life made you feel special. Was it watching them do something extraordinary or listening to a motivational speech? Well maybe it was but chances are it was something far more personal and particular to you. An acknowledgement of what you did or simply asking […]