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Avoiding Difficult Performance Discussions is Not Nice

One of the excuses we commonly hear as a reason for not actively engaging in dialogue with employees regarding their performance is "We’re really nice at XYZ organization" or "We’re non-confrontational." Translation, "We have people who are underperforming, but we’d rather not have those conversations." Or, "It’s just easier to let the underperformance continue as […]

Two Important Questions to Ask During Your Performance Review

I continually hear from employees who have just had their performance evaluation that it wasn’t a valuable developmental experience. I then ask, “Did you learn what you do well and should continue doing and find out at least one thing you could be doing that would help you be more effective?” About 10% will […]

Stop Sweeping Performance Issues Under the Rug

Most motivated employees can manage and improve an area of weakness, but only if they are made aware of the issue and are coached.

Case in Point

Steve has been with a technology company for more than eight years going back to when they were a start-up. He is a talented, post-sale […]

Don’t Make Employees Mad with a Poorly Delivered Message

Many managers are adept at the objective parts of performance discussion performance, but nearly all of them dread initiating conversations about personal issues such as behaviors and attitudes. The traditional method by which they are taught to provide performance feedback to employees, sometimes referred to as "constructive criticism," is often the very reason they […]

Performance Issues: Addressing Office Gossip

A performance issue we’ve all come across is the office gossip. The person who takes on the role of behaving like CNN to make sure everyone else hears the "news." We all have the person or people in the office who spread gossip and thrive on talking about others. This has the effect of […]