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A New Team Member Joins the Project Team

Some tips to get them feeling comfortable quickly…

When someone new joins the team – be sure to integrate them into the team as quickly as possible. Your goal as project manager is to ensure they feel a part of the team and can be productive – contributing to the project’s objectives.

Here are some […]

How Done are You??

“I’ll let you know when I’m finished.”

One of the most frustrating things I hear when dealing with project managers is that they are unable to tell if a project is 5%, 25% or 95% complete, due to the ambiguous, ever-changing nature of the task at hand. Apparently, since the work is always changing, it’s impossible […]

Stop Sucking Up and Start Helping Out

I really despise sycophants. You see them everywhere. They’re at work, of course, currying favor with bosses and coworkers by heaping nothing but praise upon the less-than-deserving. They can be overt or subtle, but they are there. At best, people will state that these folks “never have anything bad to say” and consider them to […]

Coaching to Get the Project Manager Back on Track

Part II – Follow Up

Part I gave background information on a client who was having problems with a project manager. This is a follow up to that post.

Since the first post was written, we met with the project manager (we’ll call him Jim) to discuss the situation. Jim certainly recognized he was having […]

Tips for Implementing Best Practice Initiatives

Think of implementing best practice initiatives within your organization as a project you would manage just like any other project. Research your options – there are lots of businesses within and external to your industry who are already using best practices – and definitely do not shortchange the planning process.

Follow these tips for a […]