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Tips for Implementing Best Practice Initiatives

Think of implementing best practice initiatives within your organization as a project you would manage just like any other project. Research your options – there are lots of businesses within and external to your industry who are already using best practices – and definitely do not shortchange the planning process.

Follow these tips for a successful best practice implementation:

Do your homework: Research best practices of companies both inside and external to your industry to learn how they get things done – whether it is hiring employees, providing customer service, or managing cash flow.

Communicate, communicate and communicate some more: Communicate with your employees about the best practice initiatives – who, what, where and why. Remember…you cannot over-communicate!

Metrics: What are you going to measure against?  You need metrics in place to measure against. For example, possibly you want to increase your rate of production of widgets from 200 per week to 250 per week. That is the metric you’ll use.

Change management: Have a change management component in place prior to implementation. How will you handle employee’s concerns and fears?

Modify for your business. Modify the best practices of other organizations to specifically fit your business needs. Take the best of what you find and make the adjustments necessary so the best practice works for you.

Getting everyone involved. You need to get your employees involved – after all they are likely the ones most affected by the new best practice you are implementing.

It’s your business: If you get outside consultants and other experts involved, remember that it is your business – you bring the expertise about your business to the table, the consultants and other experts bring the expertise around best practice implementation.

Keep evaluating and refining. Once you implement a new best practice, your work is not done!  Evaluate and refine the best practice to keep meeting the changing needs of your business.

Your thoughts? How have you implemented best practices? Share with others in the Comments field below. Thanks!

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