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Coaching to Get the Project Manager Back on Track

Part II – Follow Up

Part I gave background information on a client who was having problems with a project manager. This is a follow up to that post.

Since the first post was written, we met with the project manager (we’ll call him Jim) to discuss the situation. Jim certainly recognized he was having […]

Have You Tried Coaching?

It May Help Get That Project Manager Back on Track…

A client called me just after the holidays and said she was concerned about one of her project managers. He was fantastic at his job but she was getting increasing complaints that he was difficult to work with. I ask her in what way he […]

The Value of Project Management Training and Coaching

Beyond Technical Skills Training…

Too often the training project managers receive is focused on technical skills – cost management, quality management, risk management – specifically the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK®). Yes, you need that knowledge to do your job (and to pass the certification exams.) But you need more – you need […]