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Take your Evaluation of Training beyond the Initial Survey

TrainingLearning and Development professionals commonly evaluate training sessions at their conclusion. This feedback survey provides information about the effectiveness of the training days as well as the facilitator for the session.

As a follow up, however, consider asking participants their usage of the skills and knowledge they learned after they have had a chance to apply those skills in real life. Additionally, ask the learner’s managers how effectively they perceive the training to have been from their perspective.

Learning Participant Follow-Up Questionnaire

Approximately 3 – 6 months after the training session has concluded, and the participant has been able to put their new skills and knowledge into practice, utilize a brief survey to ensure application of the new skills. Questions to ask in this survey may include:

  • What percentage of the new knowledge and skills learned from the program do you estimate you applied directly to your job?
    • How did you apply that percentage?
  • Who or what specific barriers have prevented you from applying the knowledge and skills you learned?
    • Have you resolved those barriers or are they still prohibiting your use of your skills?
  • What or who specifically enabled you to apply your new skills and knowledge?
  • What specific actions did you take to implement your new skills and knowledge?

Manager Assessment of Participants Skills

Approximately 3 – 6 months after the training session has concluded, reach out to the manager of each participant to understand how effective they perceive the training to have been. Questions to ask in the survey or in a one-on-one with each manager may include:

  • How has the participant used his/her new skills from the workshop?
    • What specifically have you observed?
  • What cost reductions and/or cost avoidance was recognized as a result of the participant applying his/her new skills and knowledge?
  • What benefits have you seen from the participant taking this workshop?
  • What barriers have you seen that has inhibited the participant from applying the skills?
  • How have you personally enabled the participant to apply their new skills?

In order to enable application of skills learned in a workshop back on the job, it is essential have a variety of activities so participants can practice what they are learning. At the end of the workshop, utilize action planning so that participants can delineate exactly how they will apply those skills.

Contact Abudi Consulting Group today to learn more about how we enables for application of new skills and knowledge back on the job for their clients.

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