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What’s Impacting Your Ability to Manage Your Time?

We all have a number of tasks to accomplish in any given day! There is just too much to do to accomplish the goals and objectives we need to get done. It seems easy to say to just limit what you have to do; but that is rarely possible to do.

Here are a number […]

The inexcusable “I just don’t have time” excuse

If there’s ever a time when you hear someone indicating they were unable to do what they knew was the right thing to do, or at least the better thing to do, than what actually occurred due to a “lack of time,” remind yourself that people most want to do what they are familiar with.


Better Managing Your Day

A recent article in Business on Main, How to Find More Time In Your Day, certainly provided a variety of ways to better manage days that go by far too quickly and make you feel as if nothing has been accomplished (or at least not the right things!). I’ve written two similar articles (links below […]

Tips for Preparing Your Meeting Agenda

Have a big meeting ahead of you with some key stakeholders involved? Want to be sure to keep the meeting on track and get decisions made? Follow these simple steps to create a meeting agenda to keep individuals focused and your meeting on track:

Determine the goals of the meeting: Work in conjunction with meeting […]

Better Manage Your Time as a Small Business Owner

Time management is a skill that everyone benefits from; but most especially the small business owner. Think about it – the smaller the business the more hats the business owner has to wear! A few best practices around time management enables for:

Increased productivity Increased satisfaction with the business Improved relationships with – not just […]