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Plan your Meetings

Ensure important issues are discussed!

If you want to be sure the most important issues are discussed and resolved at your next meeting, plan the meeting ahead of time. Too often managers hold meetings that are not planned; the right topics are not on the agenda for discussion. When we aren’t talking about the issues […]

Ineffective Discussions at Meetings

Ideas to increase the effectiveness of discussions at your meetings

Are you finding that the meetings you are leading have discussions that just seem to go nowhere? Are people not contributing to discussions, or maybe it is the same people contributing over and over again?

Here are some best practices to increase the effectiveness of […]

Best Practices for Leading a Problem Solving Session – Part II

This is Part II of a 3 part article on best practices for preparing for, leading and following up on a problem solving session. Please read Part I first.

Problem solving sessions are not always easy to lead. Often we get caught up in what we believe is the best solution and don’t listen […]

Tips for Preparing Your Meeting Agenda

Have a big meeting ahead of you with some key stakeholders involved? Want to be sure to keep the meeting on track and get decisions made? Follow these simple steps to create a meeting agenda to keep individuals focused and your meeting on track:

Determine the goals of the meeting: Work in conjunction with meeting […]