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What’s Impacting Your Ability to Manage Your Time?

What’s Impacting Your Ability to Manage Your TimeWe all have a number of tasks to accomplish in any given day! There is just too much to do to accomplish the goals and objectives we need to get done. It seems easy to say to just limit what you have to do; but that is rarely possible to do.

Here are a number of common mistakes we all make that distract us from focusing and accomplishing our goals:

  • Not keeping a “to do” list
  • Not prioritizing work to be done
  • Not managing distractions and interruptions
  • Procrastinating on tasks
  • Taking on more than we can accomplish in a given time period
  • Not taking breaks from the work
  • Not effectively scheduling tasks/projects to be completed (with sufficient time to be done)
  • Trying to multitask

I have found that when we know we are making these mistakes, and stay aware of them, we can more easily move past them! Here is one best practice to try that has worked effectively for me – I keep a prioritized “to do” list of what needs to be accomplished. I prioritize in the following two ways:

  • Highest impact (client focused vs personal goal)
  • Effort required to complete the task

Prioritize in any way that works for you. Each day I create a “to do” list to be completed that day. I set aside time to work through that list; blocking time on my calendar to do so. During this time I send my phone to voice mail and keep my email off so I am not distracted.

Since I am a “morning person,” I complete my more complex “to do” items during the early morning hours.

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