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Start Making Sales on Twitter!

We all understand the importance of Twitter, and yet few people actually achieve measurable results. I’ve had countless conversations with Entrepreneurs spending 1-3 hours per day on Twitter who achieve very little results. I on the other hand spend the same amount of time and generate substantial business.

These Entrepreneurs are driven, passionate, and successful. Yet somehow they manage to waste 15+ hours per week on something that doesn’t generate sales. I’m not the best at Twitter, and I don’t claim to be any type of expert. The simple difference is goal setting.

Goals provide me parameters to achieve, it ensures that I don’t waste time with mindless conversation or wonder. We set goals when establishing our businesses with customers, sales, profit, employee levels, etc. Somehow we forget to set goals for Social Media.

Here are my 5 Twitter goals to success

  1. Meet at-least one person per week from Twitter. Its important to take online relationships offline. These individuals are not always potential customers, they might be industry experts, likeminded people, or someone interesting. Consider the person your meeting with, along with their network. 70% of my referral business comes from people I’ve met off Twitter who have never purchased a single thing from me.
  2. Establish conversations: I reach out to one new person each day, provide insight, ask these people a question about their industry or their background. Connecting on a personal level makes Social Networking rewarding.
  3. Twitter Love: Every person that connects with me, or communicates with me is given love. I retweet something they’ve said, or I publicly endorse them.
  4. Mention Mention Mention: set yourself a goal for mentions, try 5 per day. Communicate, and connect is the goal.
  5. Following 5 new people each day: Thats right, I have a set goal to follow people each day.

Goals are nothing if you don’t write them down. Twitter without goals is time wasted, its not effective and will not generate sales. Take 5 mins and set yourself a goal list that is posted on your office wall. Review it and tweak it as you see necessary.

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