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Start Making Sales on Twitter!

We all understand the importance of Twitter, and yet few people actually achieve measurable results. I’ve had countless conversations with Entrepreneurs spending 1-3 hours per day on Twitter who achieve very little results. I on the other hand spend the same amount of time and generate substantial business.

These Entrepreneurs are driven, passionate, and successful. […]

Top 5 mistakes made when hiring a Social Media “expert”

When looking for hire a freelance contractor, or firm to handle your Social Media efforts such as Twitter, Facebook, or Blog avoid these 5 common mistakes.

1) They don’t know your industry.

Hire someone who has a similar industry background, ask them industry related questions and test their knowledge. Having someone who does not understand […]

Small Business and the Benefits of Social Media

I read an article this past Monday (Aug. 8, 2011) on HubSpot’s blog entitled, 64% of Small Businesses Don’t Consider Social Media Important. I was shocked to see such a large number felt that social media either:

Wasn’t necessary to their success Didn’t know enough about it Had no opinion at all

The article, written […]

17 Social Media Mistakes to Avoid

Small businesses have jumped headfirst into the Social Media Pool. Do they know how to swim or just tread water?

They might be starting to sink if they are making a number of these mistakes.

Participating in too many networks or vehicles. Not fully completing profiles on each network. Selling instead of informing prospects and […]