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3 Easy Ways to be a Great Leader

If you want to be seen as a great leader – a leader that people want to follow – start by doing the following:

Share your vision. You need a vision for the organization, and you must communicate that vision to your employees. Employees can only get behind a leader that has a vision and […]

Are You Evaluating Your Processes?

Have you evaluated your business processes lately? Too often when I ask this question at a client, the answer I get is “no.” You need to regularly evaluate your business processes to ensure they are still effective. Changes in the organization – growth, reduction in labor force, new products and services, changing expectations of clients, […]

Get Out From Behind Your Desk!

If you want to understand what is going on in the business – what’s working, what’s not – you need to get out from behind your desk! It’s easy for management to stay in their office and check off the “to do” list; but without getting out and seeing what is going on in the […]

We all talk too much and do too little

Talking is overrated. It’s what we do that matters. But if we are honest, we all talk too much and do too little.

We say that the new company strategy is the best we had in years but, deep down, we don’t really understand it.

We say a good leader needs to act transparent, but […]

Dealing with Unhappy Clients

Sometimes as business owners we need to deal with unhappy clients – or even people who are not our clients but are not happy with us or our business anyway, for whatever reason. It is even more difficult to deal with these individuals when they reach out to us online – either via a blog […]