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The Value of Establishing Relationships Throughout the Organization

A Mini Case Study

Here is a story of a project manager who did not see the value of spending time establishing relationships with others.

We’ll call him Jack. Jack has been managing projects for about 5 years. In that time, he has always had project team members who reported to him. He never bothered […]

Enable for Planning Time

And make better decisions about the projects selected

Too often I see leaders jump toward a decision without planning it out first. The decision may be anything – whether to move forward with a project, whether to hire another employee in the organization, discontinue a product, launch a new service, etc. I hear talk […]

Enabling for Development Opportunities on the Team

I often hear from project team members that they are always utilized for their current skills and expertise but are rarely provided the opportunity to develop skills and grow professionally and personally.

It doesn’t take much effort in planning to enable for growth opportunities for team members, and it doesn’t have to take a toll […]

What’s Up With the Project Sponsor? Part II

A Mini Case Study: What the Project Manager Did

Read Part I of the case study for background information.

Often we assume that the project sponsor understands exactly what the role of a sponsor is on the project. But that is a bad assumption to make. In our case study, the sponsor, Jason, understood his […]

What’s Up With the Project Sponsor? He is Doing Nothing!

A Mini Case Study


You are working on a global $200 million project that is development and roll out of a key product for the company. The project includes team members from around the globe and there are 15 key stakeholders you must communicate with on a regular basis. These stakeholders must also provide […]