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The Executive’s Role in Project Management

The executive’s role in project management is as the project sponsor. The project sponsor is a leader, or a group of leaders, who provide the resources and support for a project they launch. The sponsor should ensure a vision for the project and share that vision with the project team. The sponsor should ensure that […]

Problems with the Team Leader: A Mini Case Study – Part II

Read Part I for background information.

What should the project sponsor do to fix the issues the team is having with the team leader?

The project sponsor needs to intervene quickly to change this situation. First, prior to a meeting, he may want to review the background of the team leader. How much experience does […]

Problems with the Team Leader: A Mini Case Study – Part I

The team has been complaining frequently about the team leader. The project sponsor finally got the group together to understand the concerns he has been hearing. Here is what he heard about the team leader. She…

Tells the team members how to do their tasks Provides information on a “need to know” only basis Must […]

What’s Up With the Project Sponsor? Part II

A Mini Case Study: What the Project Manager Did

Read Part I of the case study for background information.

Often we assume that the project sponsor understands exactly what the role of a sponsor is on the project. But that is a bad assumption to make. In our case study, the sponsor, Jason, understood his […]

What’s Up With the Project Sponsor? He is Doing Nothing!

A Mini Case Study


You are working on a global $200 million project that is development and roll out of a key product for the company. The project includes team members from around the globe and there are 15 key stakeholders you must communicate with on a regular basis. These stakeholders must also provide […]