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Enabling for Development Opportunities on the Team

I often hear from project team members that they are always utilized for their current skills and expertise but are rarely provided the opportunity to develop skills and grow professionally and personally.

It doesn’t take much effort in planning to enable for growth opportunities for team members, and it doesn’t have to take a toll on meeting the project goals/objectives. Even with a tight schedule it can be accomplished! And just imagine how the team will feel! They will be clamoring to get on your projects in the future because of the learning opportunities you provide!

Consider any of the following ways to enable for project team members to enhance their current skills and develop new skills. This will keep your team members engaged and motivated and enable for increased success on your current project and future projects.

  • Partner up more junior team members with senior team members (enables for senior team members to practice their coaching skills)
  • Get the group together for problem solving and decision making sessions so that everyone can contribute and learn from others
  • Assign team members to special teams (and be sure to have a mix of those with experience and those without) – such as technology teams, problem solving teams.
  • Enable for team members to fulfill certain roles during team meetings – such as, leading the meeting, holding a training session, presenting information to others (such as status on a particular assignment.)
  • If someone is not needed on the team until later on in the project, why not see if they have some time available up front to shadow another team member? For example, let’s say that Jane wants to enhance her skills in gathering requirements from stakeholders. Why not enable Jane to work alongside Timothy and Sam as they go about meeting with stakeholders to discuss requirements.
  • Share articles you come across that may be of value to the team. For example, I often share articles from Harvard Business Review and/or blogs that I know will be of interest to the team.
  • Share the spotlight – no need for you to present to the sponsor each time on project status, why not enable one of your team members to do so.

What are your ideas for enabling for development opportunities for your team? Share in the Comments field below.

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