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How Good Are You at Expressing Your Appreciation?

Leaders should regularly be expressing their appreciation for the efforts of their employees. This includes employees who:

Have made significant progress toward achieving organizational, division or department goals. Have proactively participated in helping co-workers achieve goals. Have gone above and beyond in their work efforts. Have collaborated within or external to their department Have shared […]

Calming Down an Angry Employee – Part II

A Mini Case Study

Read Part I for background information.

What should Samantha do next?

Samantha needs to address the situation with Jack before it gets even more out of control. There is obviously something going on and it is undoubtedly impacting the team. It doesn’t seem to be impacting customers, but is likely […]

Calming Down an Angry Employee – Part I

A Mini Case Study

We all get upset at some point. Work may be piling up, we may feel as if we being unfairly saddled with tasks to do, we may be clashing with co-workers or we may just have stuff going on at home that is impacting work. Any of these situations can just […]

Getting Buy-In for the 360 Process

First, let’s define 360-degree assessments/feedback. 360’s are a multi-source assessment where feedback on a variety of areas – such as performance on the job, managing others, collaborating effectively, etc. – is provided from a variety of individuals who are familiar with the employee’s work. This includes staff members of the employee, the employee’s peers, the […]

Socialize Your 360 Initiative

I have an increasing number of clients interested in moving forward with 360 feedback projects – especially now that we are starting off a new year. It’s a great time for many and provides them information needed to develop training programs of value to their employees. For each one of them, I have focused on […]