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Involving Supervisors in New Hire Orientations

Too often I hear human resource professionals complain that they can’t convince supervisors and other managers to be involved in new hire orientations. They just don’t want any part of it! Often, when you start talking with supervisors and managers, they don’t really understand the point of new hire orientations. From their perspectives it is […]

Onboarding New Project Managers

Are you enabling them to be successful?

When a new project manager joins the organization, take the time upfront to get them onboarded rather than immediately assigning them a project. When we focus on onboarding new project managers into the organization, we:

Acclimate them to the company and the culture Help them understand the internal […]

New Employees: The First 90 Days are Critical

The first 90 days of a new employee’s career in your organization is critical to their success. Too often we get employees ready day one – office or cubicle area set up, computer ready to go, maybe take them out to lunch, introduce them around the department, get all the paperwork completed – and then […]