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Project Manager Skills

So many are needed for success!

I recently posted a question on LinkedIn asking individuals their thoughts on the “one skill” that is a must have for project managers. We all know, of course, that many skills are necessary for project managers to be successful – there is no one skill. The challenge in this […]

Onboarding New Project Managers

Are you enabling them to be successful?

When a new project manager joins the organization, take the time upfront to get them onboarded rather than immediately assigning them a project. When we focus on onboarding new project managers into the organization, we:

Acclimate them to the company and the culture Help them understand the internal […]

Project Management or People Management?

Which role you are performing more as a PM? Is it Project Management or People Management?

If your answer is Project Management then probably you may face more challenges, fire-fighting, and issues among the team in your project. But if your answer is People Management, most probably you are on track to complete your project […]