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Reduce Human Resource’s Non-Value Added Work by Utilizing an Employee Portal

Employee Portal

It is possible to reduce the amount of non-value added work done by Human Resources (HR) by utilizing an employee portal. When the amount of non-value added work is reduced, HR is better able to focus on more strategic initiatives.

Consider that HR is asked any number of questions on any given day…

How do […]

Are You Enabling Decision Making By Employees?

Not all decisions need to be made by management. Some decisions are best made at individual contributor level or by workgroup/teams. Imagine if a manager tried to make every decision for his team! Not practical and, frankly, his won’t always make the best decision. Those closest to the problem should be involved in making the […]

Are You Allowing Decisions to Be Made At All Levels?

Too often managers feel as if all decisions must be made by them. This may work fine and not cause any issues when an organization is smaller, but as an organization grows decisions making must be pushed down the line. Empowering others within the organization to make decisions enables – for the employee to feel:


Stop Wearing Superman’s Cape…

Delegate and empower others in the business

Too often business owners feel the need to do everything. It’s certainly understandable that as a business owner you want to control everything about your company – after all, it is your baby! When you think about how much a business owner puts into their company – their […]