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Managing Projects

Too many people making decisions!

In today’s article, we’ll explore another challenge on some projects – too many people making decisions, or – too many cooks in the kitchen!

On one project I led a number of years ago, there was a general feeling among the team that everyone had to be involved in making […]

Best Practices to Increase the Success of Your Virtual Project Team VIII

Getting Decisions Made

Decision making on any team can be a difficult process, and managing a virtual team increases those challenges! More coordination and facilitation on the part of the team leader is required to ensure success in decision making in a virtual environment.

Consider the following decision-making styles that you might use depending on […]

Are You Allowing Decisions to Be Made At All Levels?

Too often managers feel as if all decisions must be made by them. This may work fine and not cause any issues when an organization is smaller, but as an organization grows decisions making must be pushed down the line. Empowering others within the organization to make decisions enables – for the employee to feel:


Think about this, next time you take a decision

Best-selling author Paul C. Nutt did extensive research on decision making for his book Why Decisions Fail. He found that more than 50 percent of all decisions fail. They are either quickly abandoned, partially implemented or never adopted at all. 81 percent of all managers pushed their decisions through persuasion and edict. And only 7 […]