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Problems with the Team Leader: A Mini Case Study – Part I

Problems with the Team Leader: A Mini Case Study – Part IThe team has been complaining frequently about the team leader. The project sponsor finally got the group together to understand the concerns he has been hearing. Here is what he heard about the team leader. She…

  • Tells the team members how to do their tasks
  • Provides information on a “need to know” only basis
  • Must attend and control every team meeting, even sub team meetings
  • Discourages conversations on any variety of issues (problem solving, etc.) and makes decisions herself and tells the team what the decision is (with no explanation as to why)
  • Has no tolerance for “small talk” during team meetings

Many of the team no longer want to work with her.  Some are afraid of her.

  • What should the project sponsor do to fix the issues the team is having with the team leader?

What are your thoughts on the question above? Please share your ideas in the Comments field below. Part II of this post will respond to the problem with some potential solutions/ideas to consider.