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Working Across Cultural Boundaries – A Case Study – Part I

Getting Everyone to Work Together – One Project Manager’s Challenge

Michael was managing his first virtual project team. There were 12 people on the core project team. Team members came from a number of different countries and all had experience working on project teams, but this was the first time each of the team members […]

Using Employee Resource Groups to Support Diversity

Diversity within the organization enables for a variety of benefits, including creativity and innovation in:

Solving problems of the business New products and services for customers

Additionally, diversity enables for better meeting the needs of customers – who are often diverse themselves. One method to support diversity within the organization is through encouraging and supporting […]

The Impact of Cultural Differences on Communications

Cultural differences between team members increases the complexity or “thinking” required around communications. Additionally, when we add virtual team members to the mix, we increase the complexity even further!

Communication is affected by our ideas around hierarchy and how we expect decisions to be made or problems solved. For example, for some team members there […]

Hiring the Right People

Ensuring Diversity

Consider this story…

Jack is the manager of a sales department in a technology company. He has been interviewing potential sales people to join his team. He has ensured that each candidate has met the qualifications of the job. But he has focused on candidates who are very similar to him and his […]

“Masculine” or “Feminine” Talk?

I am teaching an online course for Hesser College on Managing the Diversified Workplace. The book we are using, Opportunities and Challenges of Workplace Diversity, 2nd Edition, Canas & Sondak (Prentice Hall, 2011) discusses two types of speaking styles: Masculine and Feminine.

The masculine speaking style focuses on accomplishing goals: being assertive, establishing status […]