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Should You Separate Strategy Development From Strategy Implementation?

At a recent gathering of colleagues we discussed whether strategy could be separated from implementation of that strategy. There was agreement among the group that there are distinct skills between those who focus on strategy and those who implement that strategy. And significant discussion focused on whether or not you can separate the two and […]

14 striking strategy execution figures

On average, companies lose 40-to-60 percent of their strategic potential during execution. Imagine the amount of money you could save by closing that gap.


But in order to take the next step – to close that gap – organisations need a more detailed view of exactly where they […]

What I learned from… Michael Smith, VP Coca-Cola

Michael Smith is Vice President Group Strategy and Planning at Coca-Cola North America. He helped me write Strategy Execution Heroes. Here’s a selection of Michael’s tips:

Steer the frontline

Make sure you are able to take a complex strategy and turn it into three-to-five priorities for the frontline. Not everything can be important. And it’s your […]