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Best Practices to Effectively Coach Employees

Coaching enables managers and leaders to help employees grow in the business, address performance issues and encourage them to continue to perform optimally. Coaching is a critical part of employee professional development. Coaching should be a regular part of conversations with employees.

In order to coach employees effectively, however, managers must be trained in how […]

Why Doesn’t My Staff Member Do a Good Job on Tasks I Assign Her?

Too often when an employee is not successfully completing tasks assigned, the manager’s first “go to” place is that the employee is lazy or just doesn’t care. This is, frankly, rarely the case. When employees are not doing good work with assigned tasks, it is usually due to any of the following:

The assignment isn’t […]

Can All Managers Coach Every Employee?

And should they? Or are others in the organization better qualified to provide support?

Often we assume that managers should be able to coach each of their employees, but this is not always the case. Consider the difficulty in coaching employees who are better skilled than the manager in performing certain tasks. Consider the difficulty […]

Developing an Atmosphere of Coaching – Part III

Help the manager develop coaching skills

In Part I we discussed how to develop an atmosphere of coaching and in Part II we discussed fixing the performance review. Let’s talk now about how to help the manager develop coaching skills.

How do you transform managers into coaches? As noted earlier, building and changing the corporate […]

Developing an Atmosphere of Coaching – Part II

Fixing the performance review

In Part I we discussed how to develop an atmosphere of coaching.

Let’s take a look at the current system of reviewing employee performance, as well as what’s wrong with that system. Typically an annual event, the review is founded on good motives. It stems from a desire to equitably […]