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Five Steps to Coaching Failure

Helping individuals or groups to change their outlook or behaviour which leads to demonstrable differences in their performance both at work and at home is what coaching is all about. Whether it’s Executive or Life coaching the end product usually covers more aspects of an individual’s existence than was originally anticipated. Having said this […]

Developing an Atmosphere of Coaching – Part III

Help the manager develop coaching skills

In Part I we discussed how to develop an atmosphere of coaching and in Part II we discussed fixing the performance review. Let’s talk now about how to help the manager develop coaching skills.

How do you transform managers into coaches? As noted earlier, building and changing the corporate […]

Developing an Atmosphere of Coaching – Part II

Fixing the performance review

In Part I we discussed how to develop an atmosphere of coaching.

Let’s take a look at the current system of reviewing employee performance, as well as what’s wrong with that system. Typically an annual event, the review is founded on good motives. It stems from a desire to equitably […]

Developing an Atmosphere of Coaching – Part I

Help your employees perform to their full potential

There are some tasks that we can take care of once a year, like paying taxes or going to the doctor for a checkup. And there are other tasks that we need to perform more often, sometimes even daily. Ensuring superb performance from all of our […]

Do You Need a Coach?

Have you ever wondered if you would benefit from having a coach? Short answer – yes, likely you would. Most individuals who are top performers in their field have benefited from having a professional coach at some point in their lives to provide them guidance and support.

Professionals choose coaches for many reasons, among them, […]