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10 Simple Easy Ways to Reach Out to Clients

If you aren’t communicating with your customers regularly…you have problems!

Too often my clients (who sell services and/or products and rely on customers for their continued success) tell me that they don’t frequently reach out to their customers to gauge how things are going or even to share information. They assume that all is going well – after all the customer is still purchasing and if they aren’t looking for “extras,” why bother.

However, you must be in constant contact with your customers – in a variety of ways. By building strong relationships you retain your customers and stay ahead of your competition.

In a previous post we talked about surveying customers to see how satisfied they are. You might also refer back to our post on how to gather effective customer feedback.

Here, let’s list some ways you might choose to reach out and stay in touch with (and in the mind of!) your customers.

  1. Surveys:  regularly send customer satisfaction surveys to keep in touch with customers and ensure your products and services still fulfill their needs.
  2. One-on-one meetings: schedule time with each of your customers to learn more about their initiatives and how your business can support them in reaching their goals. Take them to coffee or out to lunch.
  3. Focus groups: arrange to meet with small groups of customers – especially if you want to gather information for development of a new product or service, or if you are trying to improve a current product or service.
  4. Customer Advisory Board: we talked about this in a previous post. A customer advisory board is a great way to give back and get from your clients.
  5. Chat with the customer at the point of sale: for storefront operations, this is a good way to reach out to your customer. As they are making their purchase, inquire if they found everything they were looking for and if they are satisfied with interactions with your sales folks. You may also have them fill out a survey on site for a discount off future purchases or a free gift.
  6. Twitter, LinkedIn, FaceBook: reach out to your customers on these social media networks to keep in constant touch. There are many tools for tracking what customers are saying online about your business.
  7. Website: enable your customer to easily communicate with you via your website through a form or interactions via comments on blog posts.
  8. Newsletters: sent via email or posted on your website, newsletters are a great way to stay in touch with your customers. For storefront operations, you might include coupons or special shopping days.  Include customer testimonials or mini-case studies.
  9. Webinars: in a webinar, you might offer information on the state of the industry you are in, new products and services you are launching, a Q&A session with customers, tips & tricks, etc.
  10. Breakfast sessions or “lunch and learns”: These mini 1 – 2 hour events enable you to showcase a product or service to your client. It gives them a “feel” for what you can do for them.

How about you?  What ways have you found successful to reach out to your customers? Please share in the Comments field below. Thanks!